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What Kind of Mattress to Choose for a Bunk Bed?

A good night sleep has been proven to promote health and productivity. Lack of enough sleep has been linked to obesity, irritability, and low concentration. One of the best ways of ensuring that you sleep well is by investing in a quality bunk bed.

But before we look at the factors that you need to consider when purchasing one, let us look at how to find the right mattress for a bunk bed.

Size of the Mattress

The size of the mattress should match the size of the bunk bed. Make sure that it fit wells in the entire area. Most of the standard beds in this category are designed to accommodate twin mattresses while some have unique dimensions with a larger bed at the bottom. Take dimensions of the bed if you are not sure of the size to be sure of which mattress you should purchase.

Height of the Mattress

As you consider the length and width of the mattress, you also need to consider its height. The modern twin mattresses offer added comfort as they have multiple layers and supportive springs. These components make them too bulky for use in a bunk bed. Ideally, the height should not be more than seven inches. If its thicker, there will be very little room to climb out and in the bed. It also increases the risk of toppling over.

Comfort and Support

A custom mattress that fits well at the bottom and top bunk is ideal but the challenge is that most think bunk bed mattresses don’t provide enough support. The comfort layers that support children growth are also not in plenty.

Based on these facts, it is recommended to ensure that the construction and material offers the needed comfort and support. Reviews from other customers as well as the details provided by the manufacturer can help you make the right decision. A mattress that has comfort foams, inner springs and a height of less than 7 inches is ideal for kids’ bunk beds.

Weight of the Mattress

Your children need to learn how to make their beds independently. This is one of the responsibilities that you should teach them as they grow older. Changing sheets or even making a bed that has an extra plush mattress is difficult. Doing them same when elevated by a ladder pose a great danger especially to children who are not accustomed to doing this task.

Therefore, it is recommendable to choose a mattress that is lightweight but still capable of offering ample support and comfort. Such a low-profile mattress is easier to manage and the risk of toppling over can be reduced by installing a stair-ladder.

Foam Mattress

Based on research and experiments, the foam mattresses are better than spring mattresses and this explains the high demand for them across the globe. The foam mattress has a les springy surface and offers more support to the child as he/she sleeps. It is also uniform so the risk of back and neck pain is eliminated completely.

Having the right mattress will do you no good if the bunk bed is not the right one. Here are expert tips on what you should consider when buying a bunk bed.

The size

Consider the age of the child, height, and bedroom space available as you start shopping. The twin over twin bunk bed is one of the most popular choice. As the name suggests, one twin bed is at the bottom and another one at the top.

The other option is the twin over full bunk bed for the older child who shares the bed with his/her sibling. The full bed is at the bottom. No matter the type of bunk bed design you choose, make sure that there is enough space between the top bed and the ceiling to increase air circulation.

Material Used to Make the Bed

Go for a bunk bed that is made of study material that is durable and capable of withstanding different indoor environment conditions. The best is made of strong pine, cedar, birch plywood and ponderosa pine.

In terms of weight, it falls between 150 and 400 pounds. Make sure that the materials used to make the bed you choose are certified to get utmost value for every dollar that you spend on it. Ideally, the bed should be in line with the stipulated consumer product safety standards.

Storage Space

Go for a bunk bed that offers ample storage space for clothes and other items. Look for one that has chests and drawers. The more inbuilt storage space the better. For example, the stairway chest can be converted and replaced with a spacious chest with multiple drawers between the steps.

Ladder vs. Staircase

Even though most top-quality bunk beds have a ladder made of sturdy material, you should not sideline the safety of your children as they climb in and out of the bed. The young children may not be confident enough to climb the ladder and so the best alternative for them is a stairway chest. The storage chests between the steps will help keep the bedroom tidy.


Different bunk beds and mattresses have varying price tags. The features, dimensions, and components are some of the primary factors that determine the price. Compare the prices and the benefits the mattress or bed offers to find the right one. You can also consult family members and colleagues who have in the past purchased them to avoid making costly mistakes.

During the holidays, take advantage of the discounts offered by suppliers and stores to save money. The price factors should not be considered solely, but in conjunction with the other factors such as comfort and durability.

Final Thoughts

Bunk beds with the right mattress guarantees a good night sleep and promote health of the kids. Make sure that you purchase them from accredited stores that are best known for offering the best products. Good luck as you shop a quality and affordable bunk bed mattress.


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